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Kosher originates in the Written Torah and the Oral Torah that lay down laws scrupulously followed by Jews for thousands of years. The laws govern...

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Kosher originated with the Hebrew culture and people usually associate kosher with Jews. However, the process itself is agnostic in that it is...

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Kosher resembles ayurveda in that it defines a set of guidelines in selection of foods, the way they are prepared and the way they are consumed...

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Millions of people around the world buy and use only products that carry the kosher mark. Our certification licenses you to use that mark on your...

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A giant global market waits! The only thing between you and that market is Kosher certification. We fill that void by helping you obtain internationally acceptable Kosher certification for your company and products.

Kosher is derived from “Kashrus”, which, in Hebrew, means “Pure”. There is a whole market segment that insists only on Kosher foods and look at the label before buying. With our help you can sell to millions of such demanding customers worldwide and increase sales as well as revenues. The investment is worth it. Get started today by contacting us to obtain globally recognized Kosher certification through us.