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Kosher certification Services is an Orthodox Kosher Certification Agency in India.

Kosher Certification Services is a leading expert in kosher certification and supervision agency in India. Founded in 2010, organization has built a credible reputation among the clients by offering wide range of services in the field of kosher certification. KCI has a highly experienced and dedicated group of professionals who work to meet the highest possible standards in the industry. In a very short period of time, Kosher Certification has been able to gain worldwide recognition for its credible work in providing kashrut certifications.

The Kosher Certification services have been providing certifications for the Indian Client. This is India & Israel based organization, more than 300 companies kosher certified and growing!

In recent times, the demand for kosher food has increased in India, USA & EUROPE.

Kosher Certification Services India can be considered among the leading organizations to offer certification to the Indian food industry. It has earned global prominence for suitable kosher certification. Also, it is among the leading certification providers offering service to most of the states in India. The certification is recognized across the globe for the smooth running of the business.

Since its inception, it has offered service to different Indian food industries. With this, the team has been successful in gaining the trust of the clients in the market. By offering quality service, we have become among the most preferred ones when it comes to kosher India certification.


Our team provides accredited certification, and to get low cost on it, get in touch with the customer service team now. Our well-organized inspection service helps Indian clients to opt for it. With our reliable service to Indian clients, we have successfully expanded our service to some of the neighboring countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and the like. Our expert team offers the service under the guidance of prominent sources.