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KCI has delivered Kosher certification, monitoring, consulting, and technical assistance to Indian and international customers. The group has built a solid reputation since its beginning in 2011. A company with excellence in providing Kosher certificates with the most affordable fees and KCI Kosher is run by an Orthodox Rabbi,

The Kosher Certificate India (KCI) has years of experience in certifying and inspecting the facilities and plants for Kosher certificates. We offer Kosher certification for Indian and Asian clients As a company, we provide Kosher Inspection service under the direction of our experts that has helped a countless number of families, hotels, and businesses to become Kosher certified. The Kosher Certificate India has been providing Kosher certification, supervision, advisory, consultancy services for Indian and Asian clients. It was founded in 2011, the organization has already built a credible reputation among the clients by offering the best reliable Kosher certificate at an affordable price. We have the capability of working together with international Kosher organizations like Kosher certification Jerusalem We provide certification in India and also have strong worldwide connections specifically for Israel, Europe and USA.

KCI one-stop solution for Kosher Certification

Kosher Certification India has highly experienced Rabbi and committed group of Rabbinic authorities who work to meet the best potential standards in the industry. In a very short period, Kosher Certification India has been able to gain a worldwide reputation for its trustworthy work. We follow a well-researched certification process with correct validation at every step. If you get certification from our company, it will give you the assurance of using it for the years before you opt for its renewal. After certification also the follow up is done by our expert team. Our organization focuses in guiding manufacturers, producers, and importers, on how to effectively sell their products in the Jewish/Kosher markets of the Israel, United States and Europe. We can customized the Kosher certification as per the need of the customer in any market, and still within the budget.

Kosher Certification Agency in India!

Not just in India, KCI has international collaboration as well. We have a partnership-based alliance Kosher certification Jerusalem in Jerusalem and work with them in the global market. Our global partner is based in Israel and has built a reputable position among clients worldwide. Our ally organization specializes in advising manufacturers, producers, and importers, on how to successfully sell their products in the Jewish/Kosher markets of the United States, Europe and Israel.

Kosher Certification Services in India

There are more than 1300 Kosher agencies are working to provide you the Kosher certificate and we can help you to decide which one will do the most for your company and will help you to increase your sales. The objective of our company is to assist the clients to achieve excellence in their business by entering in to the Kosher community.The accreditation that we provide helps the company to build a reputation in the market. Kosher certification India (KCI) follows the most appropriate approach for providing Kosher certifications through inspections.
KCI Kosher -A prominent Global company in the kosher certificate business where you find excellence with the vantage

What is Kosher Certificate?

Kosher Certification is a procedure where food companies ensure that their food is Kosher certified and it meets all the food safety norms. Kosher accreditations are on the packaging of any product measured Kosher. To ensure that the food you eat is Kosher might be very challenging because of complex modern food production practices. That's why systems are in place for verifying specific food products. Certified Kosher Foods feature a label on their packaging indicating that they've met all of the requirements.

History of Kosher

The English word “Kosher” is derivative from the Hebrew origin “kashér," which means to be pure, appropriate, or suitable for eating. "Kosher" is a term used to define food that fulfils with the firm dietary standards of traditional Jewish law. These laws determine what foodstuffs may be consumed and the way of producing, processing and preparing must meet Kosher standards. In simple words, Kosher food is any food or beverage that Jewish dietary laws allow a person to eat.

Who is Rabbi?

Each agency usually has a certifying rabbi who determines the exact Kosher standards to be applied and oversees their implementation. In the context of Kosher food Rabbi is a Jew who supervises the Kosher status of a Kosher establishment. Rabbi usually works as an expert for the requirement of Kosher certification. Rabbi can give the advice for all the necessity of Kosher certificate. If you go by history then Rabbi is a Hebrew word which refers teacher or master In Judaism. Rabbi is a person qualified by academic studies of the Hebrew Bible and act as religious teacher of a Jewish community.

Kosher Certification cost in India

Kosher Certification on average costs in India 50,000/- and Per procuct Fee 10,000/

Cost and quality are the key factors for the clients when they choose any service. For the cost element, we understand that our clients are running a business so we make sure to keep costs reasonable. We offer the most affordable fees for your Kosher certificate. Not just that, we ensure that if you apply for a Kosher certificate through our company, you save money. Here are the 5 highlighted points where we help you to acquire a Kosher certificate for less than the marketplace.
1. We review your application for zero charges. Although while we assess the application we invest our efforts to analyze your company's ability for a Kosher certificate. The reason we offer a free quote and evaluation is that these factors are very unique and different from one company to another and Kosher laws are quite detailed and complicated in terms of understanding and application. It is best to provide an analysis for each company based on their circumstances.
2. If you are applying for a Kosher certificate through our establishment, we provide reduced rates for Kosher certification and often give discount up to 15%-20% lower than other Kosher certification company.
3. We offer a uniform and transparent Kosher certification rate. By this practice, we ensure that your company knows exactly what it will cost for Kosher certification while signing the contract.
4. If your company qualifies for a Kosher certificate, we offer flexible payment plans to make Kosher certification workable.
5. We provide an offer for fixing the fees for 3 consecutive years at the lowest rate for Kosher certification.

Various factors determine the cost of an annual Kosher certificate.

The location of your manufacturing and packaging facilities.
Whether you have a dedicated facility for the production of these products or employ a contract manufacturer.
The ingredients and processing aids used in your products.
The production processes by which your products are made.

How to get a Kosher certificate ?

To obtain a Kosher certificate please follow a five-step process:-

1. Apply online- To instigate your Kosher certification process please fill out an online application. (Refer to below link), or download the printed version here. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or doubt while filling the application.
2. Review-Once the application is submitted our experts will review it and will contact you further. After the completion of the documentation process, we will authenticate your qualification for Kosher certification. Some additional information regarding ingredients and manufacturing processes may be required to ensure that your facility meets international Kosher standards
3. Quotation- After review will let you know the quotation and the cost involve in getting Kosher certification. We do not charge any cost for filling the application, review part or quotation.
4. Inspection-Once initial steps are complete, we conduct site Inspection and verification to complete the Kosher certification process. One of our rabbi inspector will visit your facility for an audit and observe all processes from handling raw materials to final packing.
5. Certification-After the facility inspection is successful and all criteria for Kosher standards are met we will issue a contract for you to sign and payment details for Kosher certification. Once the contract is signed and all fees received you will obtain your Kosher certificate.

Why Kosher is important for your business?

Kosher Certification opens a massive market for your products around the world Kosher certification can help generate additional sales revenue by providing an avenue to gain access to new markets and customers.
Walk into any supermarket in North America or Europe and you will see that a significant portion of the food and drink is certified Kosher. You will be surprised to know that over 12 million American consumers take Kosher food products. They choose Kosher products for health reasons, food safety, taste, vegetarianism, lactose intoler Kosher food - It is a specific food which does not have any prohibited ingredients like pork or shellfish in meat or mixtures like dairy and meat together. Unprocessed fruits and vegetables are always considered Kosher. On other side processed foods are considered Kosher if their production process has been supervised to make sure they have no forbidden ingredients or mixtures. According to Kosher law the food is divided in four category and all types of food has different norms from the preparation to final stage. Meat, dairy product, pareve and other foods are the main four varieties of foodstuff and all food items under these categories must follow Kosher standard to be Kosher certified.

1. Meat products> -Jewish law states that meat is only Kosher if it comes from a permitted species like chicken or beef, but not pork. Any meat to be considered Kosher, it must meet the specific criteria: The term meat in the Kosher perspective usually refers to eatable flesh from certain types of animal and bird, as well any products derived from them, like broth, gravy, or bones. Followings are the certain standard for any meat to be consider as Kosher.
It must come from ruminant animals such as sheep, lambs, goat, cows and deer who has split hooves or cloven
Some domestic birds like turkey, geese, chicken, dove and quail can be also eaten.
The blood must be completely drained from all meat or must be soaked in order to remove any traces of blood prior to cooking.
According to Jewish laws it has to be butchered in accordance with the laws of Jewish slaughter
Any utensils used to slaughter or prepare the meat must be Kosher and designated only for use with meat and meat products.

2. Dairy food products-according to Jewish law you can consume any dairy product which comes from Kosher animal such as milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt. But for Kosher dairy product also there are some specific laws and it must be followed.
The dairy product must come from a Kosher animal.
Utensil for meat based product and dairy product should always be separate.
The dairy product must be prepared by using Kosher utensils and equipment
Dairy product should never be mixed with any meat-based byproducts such as gelatin or such other enzymes.
Limited cheeses are Kosher. That's because they contain an enzyme named rennet that comes from cows. Kosher cheese can't have any animal-based enzyme.

3. Pareve food- It is a third food category and according to Jewish law fish and eggs are both considered as pareve and it must meet the Kosher food norms. Classification of pareve food is they do not contain milk or meat.
Fish such as tuna, mackerel salmon, halibut is considered Kosher because it has fins and scales,
Fish can be cooked and can be eaten alongside meat or dairy products. It does not required separate utensil like meat and dairy products.
All egg must be supervised separately and can be eaten if there are from Kosher bird.
Egg also can be prepared and consumed with meat or dairy products
Fruits and vegetables - Fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables are generally categorized as pareve. But there are some guidelines for fruits and vegetable to be consumed as Kosher. Before eating you have to wash them or peel of the fruits and vegetable to make sure that they do not have any insect. Preservative food items like canned or frozen food is only considered Kosher if it was processed using Kosher equipment or ingredients.

4. Other Kosher food- Any food that is not meat or dairy, including fish, eggs is known as plant-based foods. Plant based food contains grains, nuts and seeds.
Baked bread and grains- Bread is also popular food among Jewish people. Grains are considered Kosher and they use grains to bake the bread. But during the baking process some other ingredients like oil, enzymes are also used and that’s why not all the breads are Kosher. As per norms, during the baking all ingredient and equipment should be Kosher and then only the bread can be certified as Kosher.
Seed, oil and nuts- If any nut or seed is consumed in its natural form then it is Kosher. But if they’ve been processed, they have to be certified Kosher. During the processing guidelines of Kosher food must be followed. Oil is Kosher if it is extracted directly from seed or nut and kept without preservatives. But if the preservatives being used in oil then it must fulfill the criteria of Kosher.