Kosher Certification India

The Kosher Certification India has years of experience in certifying and inspecting the facilities and plants for Kosher certificates. We offer Kosher certification for Indian and Asian clients. As a company, we provide Kosher Inspection service under the direction of our experts that has helped a The organization’s Expertise in Chemicals, Indain Spices, Flavors, Fragrances, Herbal Extracts, Fats and Oils, to become Kosher certified. The Kosher Certification India has been providing Kosher certification, supervision, advisory, consultancy services for Indian and Asian clients. It was founded in 2015 We have our Head office in Israel and India office in Noida, Name of Kosher Certification India

the organization has already built a credible reputation among the clients by offering the best reliable Kosher certificate at an affordable price. We have the capability of working together with International Kosher organizations like Kosher certification Jerusalem. We provide certification in India and also have strong worldwide connections specifically for Israel, Europe and USA

Rabbi Eldad Zamir (Founder of Kosher Certification India ) is the most reputed person in this industry. Before forming the kosher agency, Rabbi Zamir assisted as the Rabbi of the city of Port Elizabeth - South Africa for about 5 years. He also led the Jewish department of the Theodor Herzl schools there. His knowledge and wisdom makes a successful company in a very short span

Rabbi Mordechai Zamir, is also a key member of the Kosher Certification India professional team. Rabbi Mordechai is Kashrus's Administrator and accomplishes his role very efficiently. He is a respected Rabbi of Rabbinic Israel as well.


One-stop solution for Kosher Certification

" Kosher Certification India has highly experienced Rabbi and committed group of Rabbinic authorities who work to meet the best potential standards in the industry. In a very short period, Kosher Certification India has been able to gain a worldwide reputation for its trustworthy work. We follow a well-researched certification process with correct validation at every step. If you get certification from our company, it will give you the assurance of using it for the years before you opt for its renewal. After certification also the follow up is done by our expert team. Our organization focuses in guiding manufacturers, producers, and importers, on how to effectively sell their products in the Jewish/Kosher markets of the Israel, United States and Europe. We can customize the Kosher certification as per the need of the customer in any market, and still within the budget. ”

Your sale, our Goal!

There are more than 1300 Kosher agencies are working to provide you the Kosher certificate and we can help you to decide which one will do the most for your company and will help you to increase your sales. The objective of our company is to assist the clients to achieve excellence in their business by entering in to the Kosher community. The accreditation that we provide helps the company to build a reputation in the market. Kosher certification India follows the most appropriate approach for providing Kosher certifications through inspections

Why Kosher is important for your business?!

Kosher Certification opens a massive market for your products around the world. Kosher certification can help generate additional sales revenue by providing an avenue to gain access to new markets and customers

Kosher food is widely popular and if you walk into any supermarket in North America or Europe and you will see that a substantial portion of the foodstuff and drink is certified Kosher. You will be surprised to know that over 12 million American customers take Kosher food products. People from all around the world choose Kosher products not just for religious belief but also for health reasons, food safety, taste, vegetarianism, lactose intolerance, and for few other dietary constraints

"Kosher certification India is trustworthy kosher agency in India, most affordable kosher agency and fast process" more than 300+ companies kosher certified and growing!

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