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KCI has delivered Kosher certification, monitoring, consulting, and technical assistance to Indian and international customers. The group has built a solid reputation since its beginning in 2011.

KCI KOSHER has a long history of certifying and inspecting Kosher facilities and plants. For Indian and Asian customers, we provide Kosher certification. Since 2011, KCI KOSHER has given a one-of-a-kind Kosher certification service to our clients, with several KCI certified enterprises in a variety of industries ranging from food ingredients to medicines, chemicals, herbs, and dairy products (Pareve/Dairy Products). We offer a Kosher Inspection service under the supervision of our specialists, who have assisted numerous families, hotels, and companies in becoming Kosher certified. Pure, nutritious, green, and certified items are becoming increasingly important. In the worldwide marketplace, there are various food certifications available, but none are as reliable as kashruth certification. Kosher is a Jewish dietary law that establishes permissible and prohibited foods based on long-standing customs. Any food package with kashruth certification earns legitimate admission into worldwide markets, particularly in places where Kosher food is in high demand.

We assist food manufacturers in obtaining the kosher certificate in India and selling their products to selective buyers all over the world as a leading kashruth certification organization. When your items have a globally recognized logo, it adds value and improves brand recognition. For Indian and Asian clients, kashruth certification, supervision, advising, and consultancy services have been provided by Kosher Certification India. Since its inception in 2011, the company has established a solid reputation among clients by providing the most dependable Kosher certificate at an affordable price.

We can collaborate with worldwide Kosher organizations such as Kosher certification. We provide kosher certificates in India and have significant international contacts, particularly in Israel, Europe, and the United States.
Services for Kosher Certification India has low-cost kosher certification agencies in India and KCI is run by an Orthodox Rabbi.

We offer kosher certification services in cities throughout India, including Maharashtra, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, and its NCR, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. Our Kosher Certificate is accepted all over the world.

What is Kosher Certification?

What makes something Kosher food or the meaning of Kosher certified food?

The kosher certification certifies the religious belief of Jewish people. It is mainly a certification for food products and has the expansion to all equipment that is being used to prepare Kosher food. Kosher certification objects to evade cross-contamination of certain food products such as meat, fish, egg, milk, and oil.
Kosher certification is an approval that all ingredients used to manufacture and sell retail food products are Kosher Certified. An imprint of the K logo as Kosher certification is a must on the evaluated and approved products.

The kosher certificate is proof for the Jewish community that particular food has met all the parameters of Kashrut food laws and practice all the standards of Kosher. Apart from Israel (Origin country of Jewish people), the demand for kosher certification is increasing in the USA. USA and Israel are ally country and because of their good relationship, the Jewish community is spreading in the USA.

Not just in Israel or the USA, the kosher certification is compulsory for food products exported to Europe and other Asian countries where Jewish people live. Several Kosher certification agencies are working in India and overseas to provide Kosher certificates. These agencies assess Kosher certification standards and audit the client's facility. The auditors are called Rabbi. All these Kosher certification agencies belong to and are approved by the Rabbinic of Israel.

What is Kosher & Kosher Food?

The word "Kasher" or "Kosher" comes from the Hebrew word "Kasher" or "Kosher," which indicates "purity and fit for human consumption." Kosher foods must adhere to the Torah's kashrut regulations. Parve, dairy, and animal products are only a few examples of kosher foods. Kosher certification agencies in India offer a process by which food manufacturers verify that their products are Kosher certified and comply with all food safety regulations. Kosher certificates can be found on the packaging of every Kosher product. It can be difficult to know if the meals you're consuming are Kosher because of today's complicated food manufacturing processes.

As a result, mechanisms for certifying certain food products have been put in place. Kosher foods have a label on their package that symbolizes that they have matched all the needs and are fit to consume.

Kosher food is defined as food that does not contain any banned elements, such as pig or shellfish in meat, or combinations of dairy and meat. Fruits and vegetables that have not been processed are always deemed Kosher. Processed goods, on the other hand, are declared Kosher provided the manufacturing process has been supervised to ensure that no prohibited substances or mixes are present. Food is separated into four categories by Kosher law, and each type of food has its own set of rules from preparation to consumption.

The major four types of foodstuff are meat, dairy products, pareve, and other foods, and all food items in these categories must adhere to Kosher standards in order to be Kosher certified.

Meat or animal products-Under Kosher, only meat originating from animals with split hooves and chewing cud is permitted, which includes cows, sheep, and goats. Only chicken, ducks, geese, and turkey may be ingested. All of these animals must be slaughtered according to the rules, under the supervision of a Schochet versed in Kosher procedures. After that, the veins and blood must be cleared by soaking them in water and rubbing it with salt before they can be consumed. Even slaughter, cleaning, and preparation utensils must be Kosher and expressly designed for the purpose. Animal and dairy products cannot be mixed, and utensils for both should be completely separated.

All foods containing milk or milk products must come from a Kosher animal, have no rennet or gelatin and be processed using Kosher-certified equipment.

Pareve food- All other foods are categorized as Pareve under Kosher, including eggs, fish, fruit, grains, juices, soft drinks, coffee, tea, snacks, and vegetables. All such items must be prepared in machinery designed specifically for pareve foods, and meat or dairy processing equipment must never be utilized. Bloodstains should not be present in eggs, and fish should have fins and scales. Even wine has a Kosher classification, and the ingredients used must come from a Kosher source.

Other Kosher food- Plant-based foods include anything that isn't meat or dairy, such as fish and eggs. Grains, nuts, and seeds are all found in plant-based foods. Baked bread and grains along with Seed, oil, and nuts are also included

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Kosher Certification Cost in India 50,000/INR +10,000/Per Product Fee

When clients choose a service, kosher certification cost in India and quality are the most important considerations. We recognize that our clients are running a business, thus we make every effort to keep expenses as low as possible. We have the most reasonable kosher certification cost in India. Not only that, but we guarantee that applying for a Kosher certificate through our kosher agency will save your money. Here are 5 highlights where we help you to get a Kosher certificate for less than the marketplace.

1. We look over your application to see if there are any fees associated with it. While we are evaluating your application, we are also evaluating your company's ability to obtain a Kosher certificate. Because these aspects are quite distinct and varied from one firm to another, and Kosher rules are quite extensive and complicated in terms of understanding and execution, we give a free price and review. It's best to tailor each company's study to its own conditions.

2. If you apply for a Kosher certificate through our kosher certification agency, you will get a great discount on your Kosher certification. That typically varies from 15% to -20% less than other Kosher certification agencies.

3. We provide a consistent and transparent Kosher certification rate. By following this procedure, we ensure that your company knows exactly how much Kosher certification will cost before signing the contract.

4. If your organization qualifies for a Kosher certificate, we can set up reasonable payment arrangements to make Kosher certification a reality.

5. We make an offer to fix the fees for Kosher certification for the next three years at the lowest rate possible.

How to get a Kosher Certificate?

The kosher certification process is as follows:

Step 1: You need to apply online for kosher certificate Fill out an online application to get started with your Kosher certification process. (See below for a link to the printed version), or click here to download it. If you have any questions or concerns when filling out the application for a kosher certificate in India, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Step 2: Review application Once you've submitted your application, our specialists of the kosher certification agency will review it and get back to you. Following the completion of the documentation process, we will verify your Kosher certification eligibility. To guarantee that your facility satisfies worldwide Kosher requirements, you may need to provide additional information about ingredients and manufacturing methods.

Step 3: Pay kosher certification cost in India Following the evaluation, you will be given a quote and an estimate of the cost of obtaining Kosher certification. We do not charge any fees for completing the application, reviewing it, or providing a quote.

Step 4: Inspection of the application We undertake a site inspection and verification to finish the Kosher certification procedure once the initial steps are completed. One of our rabbi inspectors will conduct an audit at your plant, observing all operations from raw material handling to final packing.

Step 5: Get Certification Successfully We will offer a document for you to sign and payment details for Kosher certification after the facility assessment is completed and all criteria for Kosher standards are met. You will receive your Kosher certificate once the contract is signed and all fees are paid. The kosher agency will help you in getting a certificate successfully.

Why is a certificate Kosher?

The kosher certificate is proof for the Jewish community that particular food has met all the parameters of Kashrut food laws and practice all the standards of Kosher. Apart from Israel (Origin country of Jewish people), the demand for kosher certification is increasing in the USA. USA and Israel are ally country and because of their good relationship, the Jewish community is spreading in the USA. Not just in Israel or the USA, the kosher certification is compulsory for food products exported to Europe and other Asian countries where Jewish people live. Several Kosher certification agencies are working in India and overseas to provide Kosher certificates. These agencies assess Kosher certification standards and audit the client's facility. The auditors are called Rabbi. All these Kosher certification agencies belong to and are approved by the Rabbinic of Israel.

What are the documents required for Kosher Certificate ?

Details of Company
Details of Product
List of all types of raw material used
Request for product approval
Details of Production plant detail
Details of Process of production

Benefits of Kosher Certificate

The demand for kosher products that have been authorized has skyrocketed. Over the last few years, sales of kosher-certified products have increased at a 15% yearly rate. According to recent market research, 'Kosher' was the most commonly used claim on new products launched in the United States, outnumbering both 'All Natural' and 'No Additives or Preservatives.' In fact, outside of the Jewish "traditional" market, almost 80% of all kosher food sales are made. More than 400,000+ products are normally certified kosher, and customers spend more than $100 billion on them each year. For millions of consumers, the Kosher mark has come to represent accountability, quality, and food safety.
a. Market expansion will result from certification.
b. Customers will gain trust as a result of certification.
c. Certification will increase the organization's demand.

Why choose us as kosher certification agencies?

We can assist you in setting up a system that meets the Kosher Certification System Requirements. Also, we have a seasoned approach to applying Kosher-based food safety regulations. The following is a timeline for acquiring Kosher certification:
1. Gap Analysis, Kosher Food Safety Policy, and Kosher Food Safety Objectives are all words that come to mind when thinking about kosher food safety.
2. Identifying roles, responsibilities, and authority Appointment of Team Leader, as well as the identification and assembling of a core group.
3. Documentation for the Management System: Levels 1 to 4, Pre-Requisite Program, Kosher Hazard Evaluation, Kosher Critical Control Point, and Kosher Plan.
4. Core Group and selected staff received awareness training.
5. Internal Auditors' Core Group Training and Internal Audit Execution
6. Meeting of the Management Review Committee.
7. Application to a Certification Organization.
8. The project comes to a close with a final certification audit.

Kosher Certification Process

KCI Kosher- can help you establish structure according to Kosher certification system requirements. Kosher certification India has a proficient method of initiating Kosher-based food necessities. Following are the activity timelines for achieving Kosher certification.
Step 1: You have to fill and submit the predefined application available at koshercertification.in/contact-us for Kosher certification. You can send an email at info@koshercertification.in.
Step 2: There are some details required about the product, product compositions, ingredients, additives, and processing aid to the manufacturer while filling the application. If you use some product from a contract manufacturer, you will also require to provide suppliers of ingredients, additives, and processing aid with their relevant kosher certification if they have.
Step 3: Your application details will be evaluated against the Kosher certification requirement. To justify Kosher certification for possible cross-contamination from non-kosher ingredients some queries and documents may be asked further.
Step 4:Step 4: To clarify, the food products with non-kosher ingredients cannot be certified for Kosher certification. The elimination of non-kosher certification food products is required to segregate the entire production line from Kosher certification applied products.
Step 5:Once the audit of documentation is complete and a physical audit (site inspection) is done, the submission of Kosher certification fees is required.
Step 6: Afterwards successful on-site audit and checking the applied products on-site. Rabbi’s report will be processed further and samples may be collected or sent for testing.
Step 7:After above all these steps and processing time, Kosher Certification may be issued. The certification is valid for a year and after that renewal is needed.

What needs to be kosher certified?

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KCI has a committed group of Rabbinic professionals and a highly experienced Rabbi who work to satisfy the industry's highest standards. Kosher Certification India has earned an international reputation for its trustworthy work in giving Kosher certificates in a very short time. We follow a well-researched certification approach that includes proper validation at each stage. If you obtain certification from us, you will have years of use before having to renew it. Our professional staff thoroughly inspects it after certification. KCI collaborates with people all across the world, not just in India. Our company specializes in consulting manufacturers, producers, and exporters on how to sell their products profitably in the Jewish/Kosher marketplaces of the US, Europe, and Israel. We can customize Kosher certification to a customer's needs in any market while staying within a budget.
Our company's Vision and Mission for kosher certification: How to get kosher
We can assist you in determining which of the over 1300 kosher certification agencies in India will do the most for your company and improve sales. Our company's mission is to assist clients in achieving success in their businesses by enrolling them in the Kosher community. The accreditation that we provide aids in the development of a company's market reputation. The most practical technique for Kosher certifications is through inspections, which Kosher Certification India (KCI) follows.