Kosher Certification Services India

The KCI has been providing Kosher certification and consultancy for the Indian client, this is India and Israel based partnership organization.

Kosher Certification Services is a leading expert in kosher certification, consultancy and supervision agency in India. Founded in 2010, organization has built a credible reputation among the clients by offering wide range of services in the field of kosher certifications. KCSI has a highly experienced and dedicated group of professionals who work to meet the highest possible standards in the industry. In a very short period of time, Kosher Certification has been able to gain worldwide credible work in providing kashrut certification.

"We offer affordable service to small and stat up and international organization"


Kosher Certification Agency in India

"Kosher certification services is trustworthy kosher agency in India, most affordable kosher agency and fast process" more than 300+ companies kosher certified and growing!

KCI are an experienced team of Kosher supervison and certifier." We offer affordable service to small and stat up and international organization" For your product or plant to be certified kosher to orthodox standards, every ingredient used and the way in which it is processed, must be kosher compliant.

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We offer affordable kosher service to small and stat up and international organization

Kosher Certification India ensures the safety of the food with respect to Jewish laws. The term "Kosher" kosher certification India refers to the safe and healthy food, which can be consumed. There are 3 basic categories in which KCI has been differentiated into, the three kosher certification India of them are meat, dairy and pareve. Key points to be kosher certification India remember are as

  • Meat and dairy products should not be taken together
  • Kosher Pareve refers to "neutral foods" which can be consumed kosher certification India either by the dairy products kosher certification in India or meat