WHY Kosher

Kosher originated with the Hebrew culture and people usually associate kosher with Jews. However, the process itself is agnostic in that it is purity of food and conformance to certain criteria is what matters, not following any religious rituals in its selection of preparation. This is one reason why an increasing number of people is switching over to kosher certified products, whether these are vegetarian or non-vegetarian because that mark is a guarantee of purity. Even conscientious muslims across the world prefer kosher labeled foods. This is in addition to a growing population of people from other denominations who have found such kosher foods to be healthy, safe and better in all respects.

The global market for kosher certified products is in excess of $150 billion each year and the figure is growing. If you opt for kosher certification you get access to this growing and increasingly profitable market segment.

There is another reason. Kosher processes ensure that products are pure. In the case of vegetarian products it means the ingredients and the fruits and vegetables are free of toxic chemicals, have been grown organically and processed using approved processes and materials and are free of pathogens and bugs. In case of non-vegetarian products selection of sources according to defined rules, methods of slaughter and processing insure a customer is getting a product he can trust to be healthy and that the animals have experienced least pain. Kosher means you are following ethical and humane practices keeping in mind not only the source of food but also the health and well being of customers.

For buyers, a kosher mark on the package is a guarantee that he is getting food that is free of carcinogens and one that he and his family can consume with confidence. By putting a kosher mark on your packages you are reaching out to these health-conscious and discerning buyers across the world.