The world market for certified, all natural food products is growing and customers spend over USD 165 billion each year. While the term “kosher” is connected with Jews, over 80% of buyers of kosher foods are not Jews simply because the label is a guarantee of food that is free of preservatives or additives, food that spells quality and safety. More and more people are becoming aware of the dangers that lurk in processed or even other produce and are turning to kosher certified foods that exemplify purity. It is a misconception these days that only Jews prefer Kosher foods; there is a growing segment of non-jewish population across the world that checks for the kosher symbol before buying any food product. helps you obtain the vital international Kosher label that is the key to reaching out to a growing customer base across the way. The Kosher label builds trust and loyalty. It gets you returns far beyond what you would spend on the kosher certification process. Once your product carries the kosher check logo, it is accepted universally and your market share increases as the label gains your product entry to specific stores, communities, shelves in supermarkets and to people worldwide.

Get in touch with to know more about the international Kosher certification process and how we can assist you in obtaining this certificate. Our team will be by your side to make the process fast and easy from start to end. We have on board Rabbi Managers and trained representatives who will use their knowledge and expertise for your benefit. You can trust us to maintain confidentiality and assist you to grow in international markets.

STEP 1 Submit Enquiry On-Line Submit your company details and your line of products via e-mail, with the form provided.

STEP 2 Generating a Quotation for Kosher Certification We will contact you by phone or e-mail to give quotation and assist you with the application form and to discuss your ingredients and products, as well as your prospects for kosher certification.

STEP 3 Initial Visit to Your Production Plant Based upon the information collected from your application form, we will set up an appointment at your convenience to visit your manufacturing facility. The purpose of the inspection is to clarify the details of the ingredients and manufacturing equipment used in your production process.

STEP 4 Post-Visit Analysis of Process and Ingredients Evaluation and approval by the Rabi after thorough inspection of your process and the ingredients in your formulas. Replacement for animal ingredients with vegetable-derived or synthetic origin alternatives will be proposed. Cleansing (koshering) schemes for certain parts of your machinery will be arranged.

STEP 5 Issuance of the Kosher Certificate Upon confirmation of compliance with all the kosher requirements, the details of supervision and financial obligations will be handled. And the Kosher Certificate will be issued. The Kosher symbol may then be applied to the certified products that you produce KCI KOSHER

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