The Kosher Certification process is simple and quick. It does not necessitate any large investment or drastic changes to your existing processes. Our team helps you with the process of certification from start to finish in addition to providing consultative guidance resulting in success. If certain ingredients or methods are not kosher-compliant, we can easily help you with alternatives without affecting the final quality, color, taste or texture of the product.

  • You can initiate the process by downloading the online form, filling in details and submitting completed form via email.
  • Our experts will contact you to schedule a meeting to discuss your products and processes and how we can involve ourselves to help you obtain kosher certification.
  • Our team visits your plant on the appointed day to inspect the plant, machinery, ingredients, processes and final finished products and will make notes after obtaining all details about each specific from your staff.
  • Our professional kosher certification team analyses process and ingredients and evaluates them. We check your formula and trace the sources to check whether each item that goes into the finished product is kosher compliant or not.
  • We recommend replacement of ingredients or change in processes that will make your plant and products kosher compliant.
  • Our team may recommend thorough cleansing of equipments and sanitization of the plant if required.
  • If all required compliances have been carried out our kosher experts prepare a report. You also pay the requisite fee for inspection and kosher certification. You then receive a confirmation of approval and the Kosher Certification letter follows in due course. You can now sell your products with kosher label in any part of the world.

The process is simple, fast and does not disturb your regular production. In fact, we arrange beforehand to ensure least disruption and fast implementation of changes to help you obtain the kosher certification with least effort.