Kosher certification.in is an India-centric kosher certification agency affiliated with globally recognized kosher agencies. The international market for kosher foods is huge, stretching from Israel and the Middle East to across Asia, Europe and the Americas. A large population insists on Kosher certified products because that kosher mark is a guarantee of purity and certainty that certain established laws have been followed in production and selection of inputs.

Why us?

We are allied with international koser certification agencies and have our own team of trained experts. Our professionals are experts in food production technologies from the kosher perspective and we help you initiate processes and standardize practices that will lead to obtaining the international Kosher seal of approval for your products. These experts have trained with international professionals and agencies in the field. We provide assistance from start to finish in each branch and section to ensure conformity with regulations.

What we do?

  • Our kosher experts will visit your facility and examine your processes.
  • We help you select inputs from the right sources and test them to ensure these are kosher compliant.
  • We help you standardize procedures and processes aligned with kosher requirements.
  • Our accredited inspectors carry out inspection and test products
  • This leads to your gaining internationally recognized kosher certifications for your company and products.

How do you benefit?

  • Millions of people around the world buy and use only products that carry the kosher mark. Our certification licenses you to use that mark on your product and it opens up a huge market.
  • You can sell to millions and gain revenues
  • Your reputation and brand image increases because "kosher" means "pure".

We are trusted, reliable and transparent in our dealings. Our teams are fully committed and dedicated to help clients succeed and our rates are affordable. Take the first step to global success by contacting us. Today.


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